Saturday, July 10, 2010

An adventure begins

Via this blog, you will be travelling with me to Africa for the next two weeks, as I head out with a team from Sleeping Children Around the World (that's us above) to Zimbabwe.

Our mission: Distribute 4,000 bedkits to needy children in that country.

Sleeping Children Around the World, a Canadian charity, has donated more than a million such kits to kids in 33 developing countries. This is the first time for Zimbabwe.

Many of you have supported us with donations of bedkits for the Zimbabwe trip, and I am most appreciative. Sincere thanks on behalf of the children who will receive your gifts. Glad you could be part of the adventure.

I will try to keep you updated on what we're doing over there, time and internet connections permitting, and I invite you to use the commenting function at the bottom of each post to tell me what you think. It's always nice to hear from home.

For more info on Sleeping Children Around the World, check the website at

Away we go!

The Zimbabwe Trip:

Sorting it out
Zooming into Zim
• In the still of the night
• In and around Harare
A glimpse of the past and the future
Get 'er done
Rock stars
School days in Zim
Home from Zim

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